The Healing Codes - A Personal Experience

"In 1996 it could be said that I was "living happily ever after" in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My medical practice was exceptional, the patients were wonderful, and my side business of real estate had been very successful. I was enjoying my family and had plenty of time for hunting, fishing and skiing. Life was good!

During this time, my father had undergone triple bypass surgery and then needed his carotid arteries cleaned out because his leg arteries were clogged. He asked me about some unconventional therapies, which were not FDA approved. As he began to recover and his arteries cleared out I became intrigued. The more I looked at herbs and nutritional supplements, as well as off-label uses of FDA approved agents, the more I realized that I had just been treating symptoms, not changing disease. I began to become disillusioned with drugs and their myriad side effects. There were whole worlds of effective therapies out there that no one had told me about in my formal medical education. I knew I needed to learn more about them. The adventure had begun.

I returned to my native State of Georgia, where I began to devour all the material that I could find on herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and other alternative medical therapies. It was like going to medical school all over again. I eventually decided there was so much information out there that I needed formal training. I went back and got my Naturopathic Medical Degree (NMD). Since then, I have strived to offer my patients the best of both worlds. I am combining viable conventional medical approaches with appropriate alternative therapies to create the most effective healing programs for my patients. By doing so, I have achieved much more success treating chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer--an area I eventually chose to specialize in--than Iíd previously achieved using conventional medicine alone. Despite my significantly improved success rate, however, like any other physician, I still experienced cases where, no matter what methods I employed, the patient did not respond. It was these cases that kept me searching for a healing method that might work for everyone, regardless of their situation.

One of the great obstacles that I have faced as an integrative cancer physician is the emotional/spiritual issues that my patients have to overcome in order to get well. I have literally had patients die after they became free of their cancer because they could not overcome anger, fear, feeling unloved, unforgiveness, or other issues in their lives. To help my patients more effectively deal with their unresolved emotional/spiritual issues, Iíve investigated many therapies, including traditional counseling, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Healing Touch, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Quantum Techniques, and others. Some of these helped some, and some were more significant than others. But none were adequate to the task of being able to work for everybody.

The truth of the matter is that we seldom run across a truly new therapy, especially one that can potentially change the landscape of medicine as we know it. Just think of the possibilities of a world without Prozac, Lipitor, insulin, or anti-hypertensives. When this coincides with our own personal point of need it can be a truly phenomenal event. I didnít know it at the time, but the new therapy I was searching for is "The Healing Codes," developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, who I am pleased today to call my friend and partner.

In my cancer clinic in Atlanta we are very progressive. We look at the many causes of cancer and try to design specific therapies for each one. I believe the causes of cancer are a combination of heavy metals, viruses, cellular oxygen deprivation, metabolic acidosis, and emotional/spiritual issues. We can deal with heavy metals quite effectively using a variety of intravenous and oral agents. A virus and other viral-like particles are much more difficult to deal with, but they can be handled with certain antiviral preparations and other non-FDA approved agents. Addressing cellular oxygen deprivation, for which Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1932 when he proved that lack of oxygen is an important cause of cancer, is a slower process. There are intravenous agents to shift the oxygen hemoglobin disassociation curve. This is intimately related to metabolic acidosis and to ongoing diet changes, which are absolutely necessary. Still, addressing all of these issues remains imminently doable. It was the emotional/spiritual issues that remained a major obstacle to getting my patients well. Finding a solution to that problem became an increasingly important quest for me as I continued my medical practice.

During my search for the sake of my patients, I began to have some physical problems of my own, primarily fatigue and muscle fasciculation (involuntary contraction or twitching of muscle fibers). Initially, I tried to ignore them, passing them off as a result of the spinal cord injury that I sustained in 1996. But over time, my condition worsened. Muscles would be jiggling in the calf of my leg and at the same time muscles would be in spasm in my back or my upper arms. You could sit there and watch these muscles just jumping up and down under my skin. In addition, I became quite fatigued, even from walking up a short flight of stairs, and my voice grew weak. I decided it was time to visit my orthopedic surgeon, who is also a personal friend. After he conducted his examination of me, it was with great reluctance that he informed me that his diagnosis was amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I was not happy with this diagnosis, so I promptly sought out another physician friend for a second opinion. He, too, made the same diagnosis. I went home and pored over my medical books. What I discovered was pretty grim. Eighty percent of people with Lou Gehrig's disease die within 5 years of developing symptoms, and I had been experiencing them for at least a year! According to the statistics surrounding this disease, I had just lived 25 to 50 percent of the remainder of my life. Many of my cancer patients had a better prognosis than this.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I attended a seminar where I heard Dr. Alex Loyd speak about his new work — The Healing Codes. I found it quite intriguing that, as he began to work with his counseling patients and they began to heal emotionally, they also began to heal physically. This was entirely unexpected but proved to be true, as he saw more and more patients heal physically. With my new diagnosis in hand I redoubled my efforts in investigating Dr. Loydís discovery.

The philosophical basis was important to me because if the philosophy was flawed the work would be flawed. The basic concept of The Healing Codes method is that all memory is stored as pictures, and that these pictures have non-truths or lies in them which, if left uncorrected, eventually result in emotional and/or physical disease. I didn't have any problem with memory being stored as pictures, as the brain works quite similarly to a supercomputer. The idea of non-truths or lies in these pictures was a little new to me but it made perfect sense. Everyone back to Freud and beyond had proposed that we tied up energy in an earlier state and were subsequently unable to deal with life's problems later on. What was new was the concept that these events, these pictures, were not true. For instance, if someone felt unloved, was he or she truly unworthy of love? Of course not! If we felt incompetent, did it mean our body and mind were truly incapable of performing that action? Probably not. More likely, we just didn't think we could. So I was OK with that. But how could this translate into disease?

I tried to compare this to a computer model that I could understand. We are created with certain programs. One of our programs is the "self-healing" program. As we believe non-truths, the files of this program become corrupted, causing the program to run more and more slowly and eventually fail. If you could figure out a way to uncorrupt the files—voila!— the bodyís innate ability to heal itself as designed by God would be restored! This was logical in a computer model and viable in a human model. But how do you go about removing incorrect data and replacing it with corrected data? This came down to a matter of physics for me, since everything, including digital information, ultimately exists as its most common denominator, energy, with a corresponding vibrational frequency. Any frequency can be changed if we only know how to do so.

I now felt comfortable with the science and philosophy of The Healing Codes. It was time to take the plunge, so I signed up for an instructional seminar. The instruction was good, and I began to learn some simple techniques used by The Healing Codes coaches. I also decided to purchase an hour of healing work from Dr. Loyd for my own personal use.

I had two things I wanted to work on immediately. First and foremost was my new diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease. I also had a long-standing problem with insomnia, which was so severe that for the last few decades I had not been to sleep without a sleep aid at night. I received a Code for my insomnia to be performed three times each day. The first night, after doing only one Code, I went to sleep and slept all night. For the next five weeks, I did not take a single sleep aid. I'm not going to sit here and say that I have never taken one subsequently, as I travel extensively and strange beds and unique noises make for difficult circumstances at times. Nevertheless, my sleep pattern has remained remarkably improved, and I seldom take a sleep aid. As for my muscle fasciculationís, fatigue, and other Lou Gehrig's symptoms — they are gone. After only three months of practicing The Healing Codes, I returned to the surgeon who first diagnosed me. He ran the test for Lou Gehrigís (EMG) and found it to be 100% gone. I have been symptom-free for more than a year now. For those of you who donít know — there is no cure for Lou Gehrigís disease.

After personally experiencing the results of The Healing Codes techniques, I elected to learn the work in its entirety. I have also trained the staff in my cancer clinic in Atlanta, so that my patients can have the benefits of this great work, as well. Based on the results my staff and I are seeing, I now know that I have found the healing method I was searching for. I know of nothing else that addresses and heals emotional and physical issues so effectively and completely.

I recently found myself one Friday night with nothing to do, so my children and I decided to watch a movie. Not wanting to make a foray out into the cold to the local video store, the children combed through our video collection. Finding a copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey, they wanted to know what it was about, having never seen it. As I thought about the movieís theme—that humanity is on the verge of another evolutionary leap—I thought about the rate at which our knowledge in all fields of science is increasing in an exponential fashion. The same thing is happening in medicine. I have long believed that we are ready to move to a different level in the healing paradigm.

At the beginning of human history, both medicine and healing were a spiritual function. When we became sick we consulted God and prayed for healing. Next came the era of botanical medicine, when people took herbs in order to heal. This was followed by the era of physical medicine, where saws and scalpels were used as a means of surgically removing tumors and growths considered as the cause of disease. Currently we are in the chemical era, with our myriad drugs and their myriad side effects.

If one begins to comprehend frequency and the dynamics of plasma physics, which was espoused by Einstein in 1925 in his famous equation E=MC2, one begins to understand that absolutely nothing is impossible. I believe that we are now beginning to comprehend and use energy in ways that were only conceived of in the past, and which are returning us to a greater understanding of our bio-energetic nature. I feel like Buzz Lightyear has come to life and is urging us "to Infinity and beyond!" It is going to be a great adventure in learning and healing.

The Healing Codes has made a bold leap into the realm of energy healing. It has avoided the mysticism that usually surrounds such therapies. It is philosophically and scientifically sound. Not to mention that it works! Iím living proof of that!"

~ Ben S. Johnson, M.D., N.M.D., D.O.